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The End!

This concludes our Christmas program. 

I hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for being such a fun and responsive audience!  You all made it all a pleasure!  Or even more pleasurable than it already was.  Happy holidays!!!

Grace (now collapsed on the sofa drinking mimosas)

13 December

Christmas Eve has arrived on the Surprise!

12 December

Of course, keeping the presents hidden is no mean feat either.

11 December

Wrapping presents isn't easy on a man of war.

10 December

Jack has drawn Pullings' name, and he has just the perfect present.

9 December

And now that the crisis has passed, Jack develops a daring plan to alleviate some of the regular holiday stress.

8 December

It's apparent that someone has been naughty - but who?  At times, holiday stress brings out the worst in people.
Christmas Surprise...Collapse )

7 December

Sailors are superstitious creatures, especially when it comes to a prize.

6 December

But even with all this excitement to keep the men busy, tension is high and nerves wear thin.
Christmas Surprise...Collapse )

5 December

Then there's all the decorating.
Christmas SurpriseCollapse )

4 December

The whole crew looks forward to Christmas with eager anticipation.
Christmas Surprise...Collapse )

3 December

Stephen always gives Jack a most thoughtful present.
Christmas surprise...Collapse )

2 December

Of course, not everyone can afford to buy 196 presents, but the Surprises are endlessly resourceful.

Some crew members give handmade gifts.
Christmas Surprise...Collapse )

1 December

Christmas on board the Surprise is a very busy time.

First Entry

Which it's a Master and Commander Christmas.  In serial format.  Though I'm not exactly sure how many entries there will be.  Maybe it will be like an advent calendar with one entry per day.  Maybe not.

Add it to your flist.  (You can't join it like a community.  It's just so I can be lazy and not have to log in as a different user when I post.)

My Christmas present to LJ.  Enjoy!

(Oh, and it will begin in earnest on December 1st, advent calendar style.  No opening the little doors ahead of time to peek!)